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Hair Care

ladies beauty salon in iran

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Hair Care
  • Hair Cut
  • Blow Dry with Wash / Without Wash
  • Hair Oil Massage with wash
  • Hair Spa Treatment for hair fall
  • Hair Color
  • Highlighting
  • Keratin
  • Hair Styling
  • Rebonding
  • Skin Care
  • Face Bleach
  • Body Bleach
  • Fruit Facial
  • Herbal Facial
  • De Tan
  • Gold Facial
  • Diamond Facial
  • Hair Ageing Facial
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nail Care
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Art
  • Nail Extension
  • Nail Polish
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    About Us

    We, Amana Ladies Beauty Salon started in 2015 and now expanded with new services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over UAE and Iran. We offer the best we can to our valued clients while using the best available products. We believe in continuous professional development and our staff is trained about today’s trends in the beauty industry. We have sincere and dedicated staff, ready to serve the wellness needs of our clients and our feedback is they surpass their expectations. We are proud and grateful to our esteemed clients for choosing us.


    Ladies salon in Iran

    Ladies salon in Iran will be your partner in your hair, skin, and nail care needs. If you are looking for a salon that offers great quality beauty services then you can choose us because with our years of expertness in this business, we can guarantee you that you can be fully satisfied with our services. We have comfy place that you can visit and stay while we are doing your new hairstyle, hair color or treatment. We also have a place for your body massage, manicure and pedicure and for your facial. We have the best and excellent staffs that can assist you.

    For your new hairstyle in Iran, you can depend on our hairdressers or hairstylist because they will give you the best new look for you. If you also have your preferred style or you want to try what’s trending these days then no problem with that because we can do that for you. For your hair color, it can enhance your facial features as you customized the color of your hair. At our ladies beauty salon in Iran, we will assist you with your new hair color if you want. We also have hair treatment which is very effective in reducing and preventing hair problems that you might encounter. If you are experiencing hair loss, dry or itchy scalp, having dandruffs, fading hair colors, and more, we have different treatments that we can use which is also good in improving blood circulation and revitalizing your hair. We use good quality products in all our services and we ensure that our customer’s safety is what we prioritize. Contact Amana beauty salon! Contact the well-reputed ladies salon in Iran.

    Ladies beauty salon in Iran

    prestigious Amana beauty salon in Iran. We are equipped with best hairstylist that can provide you your new look or hairstyle. Whenever you need to attend to a party or important events such as graduation, birthdays, weddings or just a simple get together with friends or family then we can help you with your overall look. Since it’s a very important occasions to our customers, we will give the best look that will make them stand out and look elegant.

    We also offer affordable haircut in Iran if you feel that you need a new look for your hair. Our professional hairdressers know different and classy haircut style that will also make you to be more confident. If you want facial for your face, we can also assist you with that. We have the professional facial therapist in Iran that can make you achieve cleaner, smooth and younger looking skin. It also helps in clogging pores and removes dead cells that can cause damages to our skin. Eating healthy foods, exercise, and proper skin care can improve and maintain your skin’s health and another great idea to maintain it properly is to visit ladies beauty salon in Iran.

    Ladies beauty parlour in Iran

    Ladies beauty parlour in Iran like us is a very reputed salon that offers a great quality products and services that will enhance your hair, nail and skin care. Everyone are so busy with their personal lives especially that they are usually spending most of their times of being an employee which can lead in forgetting the necessary things for themselves like going out, enjoy and to be relax. We really don’t have much time to go to our and especially to a salon but you shouldn’t worry it now as Amana beauty salon can help you with all your needs. We can keep your hair to look beautiful and healthy even if you are at your homes. Yes, we offer home salon services where you can just simply sit, relax and enjoy your day with us. We offer haircut that can be done at your place. We also have hair coloring, hot oil massage and hair treatments that are very suitable in all skin types. We also have manicure and pedicure in Iran that you can get. Let’s make your nails to be more attractive by hiring our nail specialist that will clean and put nail arts on it. We have a lot of designs that you can choose from and if you also have preferred designs that you want to put on your nails then you can also tell us and we will surely make it for you. We will make you feel more confident even if you are on your home! Trust us to be your ladies beauty parlour in Iran.

    Hair salon in Iran

    Hair salon in Iran can make you feel relax and genuinely happy especially if you will be choosing Amana beauty salon. As personal hygiene is very important and our hair can give leaves impression on our personality, we should maintain the proper care of our hair. Washing it and using some products cannot guarantee that it will be completely healthy but you need to consult hair specialist from our salon that can provide you the proper hair care that you need for a long time. We at our hair salon in Iran, we treat our clients and employees just like our family and their satisfaction is very important to us as our goal is to give them the best salon services in Iran that will boost their confidence as a person. We also have manicure, pedicure, hand and foot spa, make up, massage and a lot more. We offer haircuts, hair coloring, rebonding, hot oil massage and hair treatments from our hair salon in Iran.

    Beauty spa in Iran

    Beauty spa in Iran is the one you should visit, pamper yourself with its salon services that will make you enjoy your day. As an employee or students, we sometimes feel tiredness and one way to relax and enjoy our vacant time is to spend it with our self. With this, Amana beauty salon has complete packages to offer for you that you will surely enjoy your weekends with yourself or with your family or friends. You can also get our ladies salon services in Iran on our cozy place and we also do home service if you want it to be done in your home. No hassle in your schedules as you can get your new haircut, hair rebonding, massage, manicure and pedicure and skin care treatments on your home. We assure that our hair, care and nail specialist can give you 100% satisfaction that will make you to look and feel good by choosing the best beauty spa in Iran.

    Salon services in Iran

    Salon services in Iran such as Amana beauty salon is the one you can trust for beauty services and products that will benefit in your body and health. We have hair salon in Iran that can make you achieve the best haircut, hair treatment, hairstyle, color, highlights and more.

    For haircut, you can choose what you want to have and no worries if you want to try out something new but you don’t know what style will fit in you because we have the best and professional hairdressers that will give the best style for you. We also have hair treatments that is very good for your hair to maintain it to be healthy, shiny and smooth. It’s an important routine for a men and women to be hygienic always and part of that is the proper taking care of our hair. We might experience some hair problems like getting dandruffs, itchy scalp, allergies, hair loss, hair damage, dry scalp and a lot more but the good thing is you can get some help from Amana beauty salon that provides hair treatment Iran. We have different kinds of hairstyle that will fit in what you need and we offer it for a very affordable price that is fit in everyone’s budget.

    You can also get your new ladies hair styles in Iran so whenever you need to attend parties or events like graduation, weddings, birthdays, holidays or vacations then you don’t have to worry because you can count on Amana beauty salon that will give you your best glamorous hair style. Of course, we don’t just assist you for your hair look but we can also do ladies beauty makeup in Iran. With this, we know how complex it is doing makeup for ourselves but at Amana beauty salon, we have well-experienced and make-up stylist that can make you stand out with your new look. We are experts in Iranian makeup and we can ensure that you will be satisfied with the output of our work. We also use good quality brands for our ladies beauty makeup in Iran. No need to worry about the cosmetic products that you will use because we will give you the best makeup look in Iran.

    To complete your look, we also have manicure pedicure in Iran which also includes in our salon services in Iran. We can provide you the best manicure, pedicure and hand and foot spa to make you feel relax. It also helps in improving blood circulation and improves mobility for the joints or your feet and hands. We have the excellent nail technicians that are very good when it comes to manicure and pedicure in Iran. We also offer it to be done on our salon or you may call us so we can do it on your home. Isn’t it good, right? We can also offer our salon services in Iran on your home so there will be no hassle when going out as we will visit you and pamper yourself at your own place.

    If you aren’t satisfied with your hair and nail length then you can easily contact us and we can provide you the hair and nails extension Iran. You don’t have to wait too long for your hair to grow because Amana beauty salon can make your hair to become long and shiny instantly. If you want to try to have curly hair and colored hair then we also offer that. For your nails, if you keep on having broken nails and you are also not satisfied the look of your nails, you can hire our nail technicians to provide you nail extensions that will make your nails to look perfect and sophisticated. Get us your hair and nails extension Iran. At Amana beauty salon, you can finally achieve your best hair, nail and skin care as you contact and hire us for the salon services in Iran.

    Ladies salon in Mashhad

    Ladies salon in Mashhad such as Amana beauty salon will help you boost your confidence through their affordable salon services. When you feel tired and stress, visiting salon can make you feel relax, enjoy your day and freshen up your body. At our ladies salon in Mashhad, we offer good quality hair, nail and skin care. For your hair, it includes haircut which you can choose from our charts and it you have preferred haircut for yourself then we can make it too. You also don’t have to worry if you still haven’t decided your new haircut because our professional hairdressers in in Mashhad are all familiar in different kinds of haircut that will fit in you. We also have hair coloring if you want to experience on trying new color.

    If you are experiencing problems in your hair such as dandruffs, oily or dry scalp, hair fall, frizzy hair, and other problems then our offers hair treatments that will make your hair healthier and beautiful. ladies salon in Mashhad. Keratin treatment is a perfect for your curly hair. We use best quality products that can bring back the smoothness and shiny hair of yours. We also have hot oil treatment when you want your hair to shine at instant since you can already get good results after 30 minutes when we applied the best oil treatment that will make your hair to be smooth and well-nourished. For scalp treatment, it is best for you if you are experiencing itchy and dry scalp. Our ladies salon in Mashhad offers this kind of treatment so that you can have a healthy scalp. We also have hair detox treatment if you are changing your hairstyle and colors frequently which enable your hair to expose from different chemicals. This is one of the best treatments that Amana offers in their ladies salon in Mashhad.

    Ladies salon in Bandar Abbas

    Ladies salon in Bandar Abbas is a good place to unwind especially if we are too stressful from our work and studies. They have a cozy place that will make you comfortable and enjoy your stay as they give the best salon treatments for you. They offer a lot of services that everyone can choose for a very affordable price. These can help them to be relaxed, confident and enjoy their days with their friends and families. We all know how important is it to maintain the proper hygiene of one self and one way to do the proper care of our hair, nails and skin is to visit a ladies salon in Bandar Abbas regularly like Amana beauty salon. We offer great salon services that will surely fit in your budget. For your hair, we can do haircuts, hair coloring and hair treatments. For your nails we offer manicure, pedicure and hand and foot spa that will help you to de-stress, relieves aches and pains and can improve your blood circulation. We have the best nail technicians in Bandar Abbas that will make your nails to be clean and look beautiful. We can also put nail polish to make your nails soft and conditioned. You can also choose the nail art you want so that our staffs can make it for your nails. If you are not satisfied on the length and shape of your nails then we have nail extensions that will make you achieve your desired nails. Amana beauty salon still has a lot to offer for you and if you are interested to pamper yourself with your friends or family for a budget-friendly price, visit the best ladies salon in Bandar Abbas.

    Ladies salon in Minab

    Ladies salon in Minab like Amana beauty salon is equipped with professional hair, care and skin care specialist that will provide you the best relaxing salon services in Iran that you need. With our expertise, we can assure you that you can enjoy your stay at our comfy salon while we do your new hairstyle, treatments, massage, manicure and pedicure, make ups and a lot more. These services were offered for a reasonable price and we can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with the results of the work of our professional staff on our Ladies salon in Minab. One of the numerous reasons why you should visit salon is that it is a great way to maintain your personal hygiene, relieve stress as it is good in physical and mental health. Be more confident with yourself by visiting the best ladies salon in Minab.

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