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We have facility of home service ladies beauty salon in dubai and all emirates of UAE as well as. We have expert Asian Nationality female staff members who are very expert and trained in their experties. Our main focus is on our customer satisfaction and happiness. We guarantee that you will look stunning once you hire our services.

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Check out our ladies beauty salon services in Dubai and choose according to your needs.

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Hair Care
  • Hair Cut
  • Blow Dry with Wash / Without Wash
  • Hair Oil Massage with wash
  • Hair Spa Treatment for hair fall
  • Hair Color
  • Highlighting
  • Keratin
  • Hair Styling
  • Rebonding
  • Skin Care
  • Face Bleach
  • Body Bleach
  • Fruit Facial
  • Herbal Facial
  • De Tan
  • Gold Facial
  • Diamond Facial
  • Hair Ageing Facial
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nail Care
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Art
  • Nail Extension
  • Nail Polish
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    About Us

    We, Amana Ladies Beauty Saloon started in 2015 and now expanded with new services in Dubai, and all over Dubai. We offer the best we can to our valued clients while using the best available products. We believe in continuous professional development and our staff is trained about today’s trends in the beauty industry. We have sincere and dedicated staff, ready to serve the wellness needs of our clients and our feedback is they surpass their expectations. We are proud and grateful to our esteemed clients for choosing us.


    Ladies salon in Dubai

    Ladies salon in Dubai such as Amana beauty salon is the one who can assist you with all your hair needs. To achieve the beautiful and healthy, you need to invest for it. Using hair products might cost much but still, we should prioritize our hair as it adds to our looks, make us more gorgeous and presentable especially if we are an employee. When you don’t know how you can do the proper hair care, contact us Amana beauty salon now! We are the best ladies salon in Dubai that can provide the necessary care for your hair.

    You can choose a lot of services that we are offering and we can highly assure you that you will be 100% satisfied on the work that our hair specialist will do for you. If you want to change your haircut, then let’s get your new dazzling haircut from Amana beauty salon! We provide a lot of best haircuts at our ladies salon in Dubai that are very trendy these days. Whenever you have short or long hair, we can find a way on how can able to make it more classy and noticeable. Whether you want pixie cut, shag, blunt, bob, lob or anything, we can make it for you and one advantage of hiring us is that you can consult us on what haircut we think will fit for you. We have a lot of experiences when it comes to haircuts and you can assure that we can apply all our expertise to our valued customers

    If you want to experience new by trying out new hair color, we can also assist you with that. We have a lot of hair color that can apply to your hair. We have charts where you can choose the color that you want and if you really want to try it but you don’t know which hair color will fit in you then our professional hairdressers can give you some suggestions as they has a lot of experience when it comes to hair color in our ladies salon in Abu Dhabi. You can have burgundy color if you want, or dark blue or maybe golden brown or blonde.

    We should definitely make sure that our hair is healthy so we can prevent diseases like alopecia, lupus, thyroid issues which is caused by hair loss. To keep our hair healthy, visiting ladies salon in Dubai regularly like Amana beauty salon is one way to maintain our hair in good condition as they are professionals and they can prevent our hair from getting damages. If you are experiencing problems on your hair like hair fall, dandruffs, oily scalp, dryness, frizzy then we have hair treatments that can be applied to you and make your hair to be healthy and lessen your problems. If you have frizzy and curly hair, we suggest you to get the keratin treatment that is very suitable in all types of hair. It is usually called as brazilian blowout that has the components of making your hair stronger. It can help in smoothening your hair that resulting to glossy and healthy hair. If you want to improve your hair growth and reduce dandruff then we have hair spa treatment for you. You can also try this and it can also help in improving your blood circulation and moisturizing your hair. We also have treatment for oily hair that will reduce your scalp from getting oily. For maintaining your hair color, we also have the proper spa for it so you can still continue on having the right color for your hair. All of these treatments are being offered by the best ladies salon in Dubai.

    Whenever you need someone to do the hair, nail and skin care in Dubai, contact us as your ladies salon in Dubai.

    Ladies beauty salon in Dubai

    Ladies beauty salon in Dubai offers a lot of services that can benefit everyone who wants to look gorgeous and healthy. Our characters as a person really matters and our personal hygiene are very essential too. It is said that the personality can be seen on the appearance and neatness of one person so in order to build a good impression to everyone around us, cleanliness really matters. As a ladies beauty salon in Dubai, we can retain your good looking face and cleanliness by visiting us on regular basis. Amana beauty salon is composed of professional who aim is to make their clients completely comfortable, confident and satisfied with their very good quality and affordable ladies beauty services in Dubai. We valued our dear customer and assure that we can give outstanding services that will keep them on coming back to us anytime they need us.

    Here in Dubai, most people are busy with their wok and class and they don’t have much time to go out and enjoy with their self. Though every employee has off once or twice a week, they most preferred to use it to stay at home and get enough of sleep. At Amana beauty salon, you can feel at home while we give the best beauty services for you. You can visit our cozy salon; take a rest while we are doing your new haircut or new hair color if you want. We can also do manicure and pedicure for you to maintain the cleanliness of your nails and if you want it to look more gorgeous then we can add some nail arts or designs to make it more stunning. That’s a great idea, right? While taking rest, drinking tea or surfing on the internet, we can also do your body treatment like facials, bleaching, waxing and etc. With us, we value the time of our clients so we can guarantee that as they are enjoying with us, we continue on giving the best and excellent ladies beauty salon in Dubai services.

    At Amana beauty salon we prioritize good communication and relationship as we exceed the expectations of our dear clients with the services that they are acquiring from us. We highly believe that to earn their trust isn’t just giving them proper body care but also accommodating them well and give them positive customer services. Our teamwork made Amana beauty salon to grow and continue in serving their customers for years. We treat everyone as our family and ensuring that all of our professional staffs are well-trained and can apply their knowledge as they are also eager to learn more about ladies beauty salon in Dubai.

    In our well-reputed salon, we offer hair care which includes haircut, hair treatments, hair coloring, hair oil massage and a lot more. For our skin care, you can get the best skin treatments with us and we also have more services that you can see here as you browse our Amana beauty salon website. For your nail care, we provide manicure and pedicure that will maintain your nails in a clean and healthy condition always. Looking for a ladies beauty salon in Dubai? Continue on checking out this website to know more, see the services that we are offering and visit and trust us as your ladies beauty salon in Dubai.

    Ladies beauty parlour in Dubai

    Ladies beauty parlour in Dubai like Amana beauty salon is the popular and successful salon in UAE that offer hair, nail and skin services for a budget-friendly price. We are equipped with professional hairstylists, massage therapists, makeup artists that can handle all of your needs. We can guarantee you that this is a one stop salon where everything you need is here. You can pamper yourself with our services that can improves your health and maintain your good looking appearance.

    We have a lot of techniques that is very effective and safe to use to make our clients 100% completely satisfied with our services. We offer haircut, keratin, makeup, hairstyling, manicure, pedicure, hair and nail extensions, hair coloring, hair treatment, massage and more.

    For your nails, we can do hand and foot spa that is very beneficial to any person. Spa helps in reducing stress, improves blood circulation and can improve better sleeping if you are having a hard time when sleeping. It can relax your body and mind, recharge it with nutrients that your body needs and can moisturize your skin. If you are also experiencing any skin damages, you can also consult on our ladies beauty parlour in Dubai and we can make fast actions and prevent it by using our high quality products that you can also buy and use for your daily skin, face and hair routine.

    If you need manicure and pedicure in Al Ain, we have experts that can assist you in cleaning your nails and put nail polish on it. We can make your hands to feel clean, soft and smooth. We also have a lot of nail art design that can enhance the appearance of your nails. If you have short nails and you want it to make long then we can provide you’re the nail extensions that will hide the imperfections of your nails. This can also help in boosting your confidence as you will achieve on having perfect nails. It is very important to have clean nails to prevent it from infections and one way to ensure that your hands and feet are both clean is to contact and visit ladies beauty parlour in Dubai.

    Beauty spa in Dubai

    Amana beauty salon is also a beauty spa in Dubai as we have all the best services and products that you can acquire from us to assure that your body is healthy and very hygienic. We have the best team that is very committed to our work and ensuring that we can give the best beauty spa in Dubai services to our customers. We offer different spa treatments like massage, facial and whole body treatments in Dubai for affordable price. For massage you can get your fully relaxing body massage by our therapist. They are experts and we have products that we can use for dealing with some pains that you are currently feeling due to stress of your work or study. We also have facial treatments that can help in clogging the pores, removing dead cells and improve your blood circulation and moisturize your skin. Its main purpose is to clean your skin and feed it with nutrients such as vitamin A, C & E. If you want to achieve younger looking and brighten skin then you can try our facial treatments at Amana beauty salon. We also have services for nail and hair services that you can try. For more details, you may continue on browsing our website, call us or visit our beauty spa in Dubai.

    Hair salon in Dubai

    Hair salon in Dubai that you can trust like Amana beauty salon is rare to find. We are offering a bunch of good quality services that you can get for affordable price. We have haircut and you can choose your own hairstyle that you want to have. When you don’t know what will fit for you, you don’t have to worry much as we are professionals that will give the best haircut that will suit in you. We also have a photos, charts and magazines where you can choose the haircut you want and if you have any specific cut you want then just let our hairdressers know so they can assist you with that.

    We also have blow dry with wash or without wash. Whenever you need to go somewhere, you can easily drop by at our salon, get your hair wash and blow dry it. We also offer hair oil massage in our hair salon in Dubai. It can help in reducing stress and be relaxed as our experts in massage will make you at ease and enjoy while putting oil on your scalp and massaging it thoroughly. We can use jojoba oil that is good for scalp, argan oil that can reduce inflammation, sesame oil to make your hair to grow more and treat scalp infections, and we also have the castor oil that has 2 functions which are to boost hair growth and slowing hair loss possibilities.

    We also have hair spa to treat your scalp problems, oiliness, dandruff and more hair problems. You can tell on our staffs on our hair salon in Dubai what you need so that they can apply the best products that can treat what problems you are experiencing with your hair.

    Amana is a reliable beauty salon in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain. We also offer hair coloring for affordable prices. Whether you have short or long hair, we can make it more beautiful by adding some colors on it. You can check on our charts the colors and of course, if you already have preferred hair color, you can just also let us know so we can make it for you. For highlights, it can enhance your skin tone as you try the best highlights that will fit in you. If it is your first time, you don’t have to worry as we will assist you with that. We can also do keratin treatments for you to make your hair less curly, frizzy and dry. If you want a strong and straight hair, contact our best hairdressers now. If you need a hair rebonding that can make your hair permanently straight. They can also assist you with your hairstyles on different occasions. Whenever you need to go somewhere, you can contact us, book your visit or you can also hire us for home services to provide the elegant hairstyle and other hair needs from the best hair salon in Dubai.

    Ladies salon Services in Dubai

    Salon services in Dubai that is being offer by Amana beauty salon can provide you the best hair, skin and nail care that is very suitable for you. When you are busy and don’t have enough time to do it by yourself, the only solution is to go to a salon or beauty spa and pamper yourself even for just one whole day. You can get your new ladies hair styles in Dubai that will make you look more neat and gorgeous as you will try our something new for yourself. For hairstyles, we have professional hairstylists from our hair salon in Dubai that will definitely exceed your expectations as the will give you the best look for you in any location. Whether you will go to on different occasions like graduation, wedding, birthday party, and more you can rely to our hairdressers to assist you to do the best hairstyle that will make you standout. And of course, we only not offering hairstyles, we can also do your ladies beauty makeup in Dubai.

    Visiting a salon has a lot of benefits for everyone. Being busy at work and school, we can really feel the tiredness and one way to be refreshed and add some color to your gloomy and tiring world is to acquire salon services in Dubai from a well-known salon like Amana beauty salon. Amana beauty salon offers good quality and affordable nails, hair, and skin care that are perfect for everyone. You can’t just trust our experts when it comes to ladies hair styles in Dubai; in fact, we do have a lot of salon services in Dubai that you can avail and try. For ladies hair, we have a lot of hair treatment Dubai services like keratin, highlights, hair colors, blow dry and the hair oil massage. If you want to have a smooth and glossy hair, you can our keratin. It also helps to make your hair less frizzy and to become it healthier. Keratin is also called as brazilian keratin treatment and it also has the benefit of damaging repairs in your hair. At our salon that provides hair treatment Dubai, we can do your keratin treatment on our salon and you can also get it through our home service. Our professional hair specialist will go to your home together with the products that they need and assist you for any hair treatment.

    For your skin care you can try our different treatments that are very suitable in any skin type. We have face and body bleaching that can helps in minimizing dark spots and can reduce and prevents the skin from getting damages which is usually caused by sun, aging and hormonal changes. You can also reduce that appearance of your pimple or acne scars and get your desired skin tone. In order to achieve brighter and glowing skin, you can try our face and body bleaching. We also have fruit facial which can moisturize and make your marks and blemishes to fade away as fruits contain a lot of nutrients that can benefit our skin. We also provide herbal facial that can helps in balancing your blood circulation, hydrates your skin and make it to glow more. If you need De Tan, Gold facial, Diamond facial, hair ageing facial and the very popular aromatherapy then we also have that. You can try and get these different types of facial for a budget-friendly price and we can guarantee you that it can really help to moisturize and keep your skin healthy.

    We also have ladies beauty makeup in Dubai that can boost your confidence as you are wearing your best look in any kind of location. Make up can also make you feel confident and get your better complexion as you wear it. At Amana beauty salon, we have the best makeup artists that can make you to look elegant whenever you need to attend any kind of celebration that and wear makeup. We are experts in doing makeups and we have high quality products that can be used to achieve the best look for you. We also have procedures for the ladies beauty makeup in Dubai. We use primer first to moisturize the face, we also use good quality of foundations and concealers that to ensure that your face is safe from getting damages that can caused by using different makeup products. With us, you can trust our professionals that we will make you feel relaxed and happy with our services. We use techniques that are very effective to achieve the best look on our customers. We also offer manicure pedicure in Dubai as we also have nail specialist that can handle all of your nail types. We have nail cleaning, polishing, and nail arts that you can acquire from us. nail care is also important just like our hair and skin. If we do that both regularly, we must also do the nail care as much as possible. Did you know that our personality can reflect on our nails? Yes, it really and even the shape of our nails can explain and reveal the character of a person. One of it is if you have a triangle shaped nails, you are gentle, creative and an emotionally sensitive person. People with square nails mostly impatient but has quick thinking personality. If you have round nails, it tends that they are open-minded, independent and genuinely happy person. But all of these are just from research and even though that we don’t have this, we must ensure the cleanliness of our body. This is why Amana beauty salon, we can provide the proper care for you through manicure pedicure in Dubai.

    If you need hair and nails extensions Dubai, we also offer that services from the ladies salon in Abu Dhabi. If you are so impatient to wait for your hair to become long, the only solution is to use hair extensions for you. It can add length, volume and you can do all of your preferred hairstyles. By visiting to Amana salon, you can make your hair long instantly. You can consult our professional hairdressers about the hair extensions that can put for you. Another service from hair and nails extensions Dubai is we can make your nails to achieve your desired length, make it longer and beautiful. We provide Acrylic nail extensions which is very common nowadays as it is being glued onto the natural nails. If you have weak and brittle nails, this type of nail extensions is perfect for you. We also have gel nail extensions which use LED or UV light to apply the transparent gel on the natural nails. Another type of extensions is the fiberglass nail extensions which is very good to try for those who have sensitive nails and suffers from allergies on chemicals when applying acrylic or gel. These entire nail extensions can keep your nails on being healthy, gorgeous and prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria.

    The satisfaction of our dear clients are very important for us and for the past years and until now, we still keep on providing them quality services for a very affordable price. We have friendly and professional staffs that can assist them with all of their body care from their hair to face and up to their nail care. We also have packages that you can acquire from us. We are fully dedicated in our work and this made us to be one of the trusted salon services in Dubai. Our services at Amana beauty salon are truly incredibly relaxing. All of it has a lot of benefits not only for your appearance but also can reflect to your character as a person. If you are experiencing an extremely stressful days, treat yourself, freshen up, feel confident and good by visiting Amana for your beauty salon services in Dubai.

    Wedding Makeup in Dubai

    Wedding makeup in Dubai is one of essential things that we should plan days or weeks before the wedding. Emirati wedding is one of the most extravagant occasions that are being celebrated by both families here in UAE. It is being conducted by the laws as culture and traditions are being applied for the whole process and ceremony of the wedding. The excitements for both man and woman who will get married are definitely guaranteed as the wedding date gets nearer but before that wedding, everything must already on planned so that there will be no hassle when it comes to the wedding ceremony. They usually hire wedding planners to make sure that everything will be perfect. This includes the event location, caterings, bands, foods and everything but not all things can be decided by the wedding planner as we also have what we want for our wedding like our own makeup artist and hairdressers that we only trust for our look especially for the wedding makeup in Dubai.

    To complete your wedding preparations, you can have you best wedding makeup in Dubai from the professional makeup artist that you can trust your overall look for your wedding. Amana beauty salon offers wedding makeup in Dubai that will bring out the best look of you for the one of the special days of your life. We can also assist you with your hairstyle that is perfect to your wedding gown and makeup. With our years of expertise, we can guarantee you that your wedding makeup in Dubai will look perfect and you will be satisfied with our services that will surely make you more confident and enjoy your day without worrying anything. We are experts on Emirati makeups and we use the best cosmetic products that will surely make your wedding makeup in Dubai to look more stunning. At Amana beauty salon, we offer other services like hairstyle, hair treatments, face treatments, massage, manicure and pedicure and a lot more. You can visit our salon and we also offer it as home salon services so you can really enjoy your days before the wedding day through affordable salon services in Dubai. If you want to boost your confidence and look gorgeous on your wedding day, hire us for your wedding makeup in Dubai.

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