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Hair Care
  • Hair Cut
  • Blow Dry with Wash / Without Wash
  • Hair Oil Massage with wash
  • Hair Spa Treatment for hair fall
  • Hair Color
  • Highlighting
  • Keratin
  • Hair Styling
  • Rebonding
  • Skin Care
  • Face Bleach
  • Body Bleach
  • Fruit Facial
  • Herbal Facial
  • De Tan
  • Gold Facial
  • Diamond Facial
  • Hair Ageing Facial
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nail Care
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Nail Art
  • Nail Extension
  • Nail Polish
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    We, Amana Ladies Beauty Saloon started in 2015 and now expanded with new services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over Abu Dhabi. We offer the best we can to our valued clients while using the best available products. We believe in continuous professional development and our staff is trained about today’s trends in the beauty industry. We have sincere and dedicated staff, ready to serve the wellness needs of our clients and our feedback is they surpass their expectations. We are proud and grateful to our esteemed clients for choosing us.


    Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi

    Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi isn’t hard to look for as Amana Ladies Salon is here to assist you. We have professionals that can assist you in different services that can make our customer to feel fabulous and confident. Our ladies salon in Abu Dhabi offers affordable price for our hair, skin and nail care treatments in Abu Dhabi. If you want to know more about our services, I will explain and why you should hire Amana as your Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi.
    For hair care in our ladies salon in Abu Dhabi, it is very essential hygienic routine for everyone. Most of u knows that healthiness of the life can be seen on how healthy his or hair and of course lot us will agree to that. We shouldn’t just wash our hair everyday but we should assure that it is very healthy and strong. Using conditioners and other liquid on our hair can help but it is not a great assurance that we can achieve a good hair. We always wanted to try something new and that includes our hairstyles. For winter, summer, spring or autumn, our haircut might be based on that and sometimes it can be based on our emotions and usually we just want to try it for no reasons. Trying new hairstyle isn’t bad especially if you are looking for a haircut that will perfectly suits in you. So if you are looking for a new hairstyle, our professional stylist at our Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi will guide and assist you in anything you want. As they are already experts, you don’t have to worry if you don’t know much on what hairstyle will fit in you. They can give you the best haircut and other services in a very affordable price. As the trusted Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi, you can hire us for your hair cut and we assure that it can boost your confidence whether you are planning to have trim, mid-short hair or the total short hair. After your haircut, we can also do blow dry with or without wash or shampooing it. Our experts at the Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi can make assurance that you will be achieving the best look that is based on the frame of your face. Their expertness in this field can make you feel truly satisfied with our services. We also have hair oil massage with wash which can make your scalp and hair to be healthier and it can also help to make you more relax and decrease stress as we fully massage your hair using our best quality products from the best Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi. In our Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi, we also have hair spa treatment for hair fall. Hair Spas is one of the best treatments for all hair problems. It can also improve your hair growth, thickness and make it healthier. It also improves blood circulation, moisturizes your hair, reduce dandruff and also reduce stress. We have different types of hair spa which includes spa for dandruff, hair fall, oily hair, dry scalp, colored hair, itchy scalp and for hair smoothening.

    For the hair spa for dandruff, we are using products that can help alleviate dandruff and keep it healthy. If you are experiencing hair fall, we can also lessen that using our effective treatments that will help in fighting hair fall, enhance your blood circulation and hydrates your scalp and get rid of your dry skin. For your oily hair, our team from the Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi can get rid of the grease or sticky oil in your scalp or and hydrates it. For your dry scalp, hair spa is one of the best treatments to reduce the dryness and flakes on it. If you are usually changing your hair color, you must maintain the quality of its color and hair treatment can be a good way for that. We at Ladies salon in Abu Dhabi can also get rid the itchiness of your scalp and make your hair smooth, silky and frizz-free hair through our hair spa services. When it comes to hair color, you can also trust Amana Ladies salon with that. We offer different hair colors that you might like and we assure that we can also provide you the best hair color that fits in you. We know that a human hair can be originally in black, brown, blond and red color. So if you wanted to try some new color like ash gray, green, purple, pink, blue and other color then the excellent ladies salon Abu Dhabi like Amana ladies salon can provide it for you. We have the best products that will give the right color that you want to achieve to have. We also offer highlights that can add more impact and enhance your overall look. We have professionals in a very reputed ladies salon Abu Dhabi that can make it possible for you to achieve the best hair color and highlights for you anytime. If you need hair rebonding to reform and bring back the smoothness of your hair, you can contact us and we can also assist you with that. Hair rebond can make your hair to be more relaxed and make it straight. Even if you have curly hair, we can still make it straight through our best chemical treatments from Amana ladies salon. If you want your hair to be smoother and look glossy, we have keratin as part of our services in Ladies salon Abu Dhabi that we offer in a very affordable price that can enhance the vitamin in your hair. For hairstyling, we can also give the best hairstyle for you in any type of occasion. Whether you need to attend birthday party, graduation, wedding, meeting and more – we can able to assist you with that. In our ladies salon Abu Dhabi, we have experts in hair styling so we can guarantee you that we can give you the outstanding look for you. As there are many trending hairstyles these days, if you think that it will fit for you then we can make it to you. We shouldn’t be afraid to try new things especially for our hairstyle that can enhance our confidence as a person. It is really fine to try the new look when we have time. It’s fine to try something new that will give positive impact on us. These services can provide by the top notch ladies salon in Abu Dhabi and that is Amana Beauty Salon which is equipped with friendly and professional staffs that are all experts in different hair services in all hair types. Interested? Contact us now and let’s make you incredibly dazzling and fabulous in the very affordable prices offered by the best ladies salon in Abu Dhabi!

    Ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi

    Ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi such as Amana beauty salon also offers skin care treatments that our skincare specialist can provide to our valued customers. Skin care is very essential to prevent dry skin and other skin disease. To make our skin healthier, we can do a lot of things by ourselves like applying cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sunscreens, liquid for exfoliation, serum, lotions for our body and more. Yes, it can really help as we maintain on using them. We can see good results as we found the best skin care that is very effective on us. There are problems that you might encounter while trying a lot of products and one of these is it can make your skin irritated and to dry more. We all don’t want that to happen so this is why ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi can help you with that. At Amana beauty salon, we only not offer hair styling in Abu Dhabi or nail treatments but we also offer effective skin care that can make your skin to be healthier and protect from any skin problems. The key to know what the best for your skin, hair and nail is to consult with a ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi like Amana Beauty Salon.
    We are one of the trusted ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi. As a professional salon, we ensure that we are using good quality products that will give 100% satisfaction in regards to the service that you will be acquiring from us. One of our services is the face bleaching from our ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi. We can make your complexion lighter through our bleaching products and right way to bleach face and other parts of the body. It can help to prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples as our experts in the ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi will make your face brighter and lighten the blemishes. You can also achieve a lighter, brighter and flawless skin when you try the body bleaching in Abu Dhabi that offers by Amana beauty salon at a very affordable price. The effective process and products that will enhance your skin, remove the dead and damaged skin cells and make it healthier can give by our experts at the best ladies salon in Abu Dhabi. We also have fruit facial that can give a lot of benefits to our skin. Fruit facial in Abu Dhabi is very popular nowadays as it gives very natural effects especially for anti-aging. Fruits have a lot of nutrients that our body can take from it. It works in any types of the skin whether you want a deep moisturizing fruit facial or lightening or tighten up the skin facials. We have a lot of fruit facial that we can offer for you in a budget-friendly amount and we can guarantee you that it is perfect in all skin types. Pamper your skin and maintain it healthy and grow more by our herbal facial. All these years, people still use herbals for their skin care routines as it still beneficial and very effective to refresh, moisturize and maintain its healthiness. We also offer a lot of herbal facial in Abu Dhabi. Since it is a natural herbal facial, we won’t use any chemicals so you can assure that it will be safe for your skin and you won’t experience any side effect from it.
    De Tan facial is also one of the best skin care treatments to remove your unwanted tan from your skin. By acquiring our De Tan facial to restore it nourishment and can help in preventing and dealing with acnes. With the assistance of the best skin specialist from the fastest growing ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi, you don’t need to worry anymore about your skin as we can provide you all the services that can bring back your skin tone. At our ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi, we also have Gold facial that has a lot of advantages for any types of the skin. It really helps in renewal and rejuvenating your skin and brightens up your oily and dry face. Gold facial in Abu Dhabi can activates your skin cells and make it more youthful. It also helps in the blood circulation, can reduce wrinkles and fine lines and it is also antibacterial that can help in reducing acne and pimples. You can get the best gold facial at the ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi like Amana beauty salon. For diamond facial, you can also choose this excellent service from the trusted ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi. This can help in detoxifying your skin through excellent exfoliation products from our ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi. We also have hair ageing facial which is very suitable in all types of hair and skin. For aromatherapy, it is a very good way as it is rich in antioxidants and can be your support treatment such as diseases, rashes and illnesses. It helps in reducing nausea, pain and body aches, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, agitation, alopecia, menstrual problems and circulatory problems. Essential oils are available at the best ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi and we can help you to experience the very relaxing aromatherapy at a very affordable price. With all of these services mentioned above, we provide the best price that is very suitable in your budget. We also have ladies beauty salon in Abu Dhabi packages that you can choose. You can also visit our cozy place and we also do home services. Book with us now and we will assure that you will definitely enjoy and beauty salon services at our place or at your homes.

    Ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi

    Ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi is like a one-stop beauty salon where everything you need is already there. You can get your own hairstyle there, skin care and nail care treatments. For the proper care of your nails, Amana beauty salon is one of the trusted ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi that can take care of your nails regularly. As we know that our personality can reflect on our nails, we should maintain it all clean and healthy. We have the best nail specialist on our ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi and we offer a lot of services that can give the proper care for your nails. We have manicure, pedicure, nail art, nail extension and the nail polish and of course you can get it all with us.
    For the manicure services from the ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi, you can get your feet and hands to be relaxed, look healthy and beautiful. It is very important to maintain our hygiene as it can also make a good impressions that can last long. With our nail experts, we can clean your nails regularly, removes the dead cells and the tan on our hands and make it all relax. Thebest ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi ladies beauty parlour can fully cater all of your body care from your hair, face and your nail. Regularly visiting to your hair, face and nail specialist can give a lot of benefits not only on your physical appearance but also to your overall health and it can also help in boosting your confidence as a person. Manicure isn’t just done occasionally but it must be on regular basis so if you need someone to help you with your manicure, you can really trust and visit Amana Beauty Salon and let them pamper and provide the proper nourishment for your nails.
    Just like for manicure, pedicure is also a must. You must also get your pedicures on regularly and you can ask a professional nail salon in Abu Dhabi like Amana beauty salon. Manicures and pedicures from the ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi can have a lot of advantages that you can get from it. You can increase your blood circulation and keep it all in balance as you exfoliate, moisturize and get the proper treatments for your nails. Acquiring it from the well-experienced ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi can also help you in relieving your stress and make you feel relax especially if you are undergoing your nail treatments at Amana beauty salon. We also have nail art. We can apply the nail art based on the design you want your nails to have. In nail art, our nail technicians at the ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi are all experts in nail arts; manual art or digital nail art. We have different kinds of nail art that you can choose from. We have the painting with a brush that uses different types of brushes to achieve the best design for your nails. We also have sponge bobbing that you can also choose. By using sponges, it can give your nails to have a gradient designs. Your nails can be more attractive when you try the sponge bobbing from the ladies beauty parlor in Abu Dhabi. We also have stamping nail art or the special nail paints that will look your nails elegant. If you want a simple yet beautiful design then you can get the taping type of nail art. The two colors that you have chosen can add beauty to your nails through taping. If you want to try the digital nail art, you are at the right place now. We also have digital nail art that it is very popular nowadays. You can check and try this out at the best ladies beauty parlor in Abu Dhabi. We also have splatter nail design, stencil method, airbrush nail art techniques, stickers, sharpie and water marble. Make your nails perfectly gorgeous as you acquire our nail extension services from the trusted ladies beauty parlor in Abu Dhabi. Our services are very affordable and we can guarantee you that you will be fully satisfied and feel great about our services, cozy place and friendly staffs at Amana beauty salon. It is very easy to apply as we have best nail technicians at our salon. Unwind and enjoy by pampering yourself through our affordable services from the experts in ladies beauty parlour in Abu Dhabi. Schedule at Amana beauty salon now!

    Hair salon in Abu Dhabi

    Hair salon in Abu Dhabi like Amana beauty salon is composed of professional hairdressers in Abu Dhabi that can bring the best look out of you. Cutting our hair isn’t just getting a scissors and cut it the way we want to cut it. As people always wanted to try out something new, they will really try even if for a new hairstyle. Your hair must be in healthy and even if you keep on changing your hairstyles, you can still retain your healthy hair just by acquiring services from the trusted hair salon in Abu Dhabi like Amana beauty salon. You can also get a lot of hair services from us at a very reasonable price. We only use good quality products that have the benefit of maintaining your hair to be healthy always. If you are curious on why you should hire hair salon in Abu Dhabi for your hair needs then let me enlighten you with the reasons why you should choose Amana beauty salon not just for your hair but also for your face and nails care. A professional hairdresser from the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi has a lot of experience that is very beneficial to all customers. By hiring them, you can definitely assure that you will be getting best quality services since they are experts. It is also very convenient to hire them especially if they can do home services which enables you to pamper yourself even at home. You can save time because you can just call them or book/reserve in the website like Amana beauty salon provides. It is also good that they can explain and suggest to you some things and can easily provide solutions to your hair problems. At Amana beauty salon, we are the trusted hair salon in Abu Dhabi that provides excellent hairstyles that will fit for everyone. Our hairstylist also knows the trendy hairstyles and can give you the perfect style that suits in you. Whether you want to keep your long hair or you want to make it short, color it or rebond it then we will make that for you. At Amana beauty salon we also assure that all of us are updated on the latest hairstyles, colors, treatments and more. This can make our customers to have assurance that we can handle all of our customers based on the services that they want to acquire from us as the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi. We can make you feel confident and truly satisfied as you hire our hair specialist to assist you in our different hair services.
    Once you have a hair salon in Abu Dhabi that you can trust your hair style anytime and in any occasions then you can also properly maintain your hair healthy as and look classy. With this, Amana beauty salon, a well reputed ladies beauty salon in Al Ain can be your partner for your body care. At Amana beauty salon we offer a lot of hair beauty services. We have haircut, blow dry, hair rebonding, hair coloring and other hairstyles that will look good on you. If you still don’t have preferred style for you then we can help you with that. With our hair specialist from the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi knows what suits in you because they are well experience and they know what will fit in you. No more worries if you will be hiring Amana beauty salon. We also offer skin and nail services and we can do also do home services. We can visit your place and make you look gorgeous in your own place. If you also want to visit our location then you can check it out this website to know more about us and our services. Let’s make your hairstyle to be uniquely attractive. Contact and hire us as your hair salon in Abu Dhabi.

    Beauty spa in Abu Dhabi

    Beauty spa in Abu Dhabi and ladies salon at Amana beauty salon are both the same as we offer a lot services in our cozy and very relaxing place. Stress from work and school? Let us pamper you at a very affordable price. You can relax, refresh and improve your health as nail, hair and skin specialist at Amana beauty salon assists you in your needs.
    For your hair care needs, you can hire our hair professionals from beauty spa in Abu Dhabi that has the capability to give the best hairstyle and other services for you. If you want to have a new hair color or highlights then we can help you with that. We have booklets that you can check all the available color and if you want to try something new and unique then you can ask our staffs to assist you in achieving the best new hair color for you. In any season, you can rely to a beauty spa in Abu Dhabi in regards to your hairstyle. We also do hair spa with massage that will make you feel relaxed and enjoy your day with us. We use special and best quality products for hair and we can assure you that it is all safe to use. We also provide hair rebonding, hair keratin, oil massage and blow dry. We can also be your hairstylist in every occasion. If you need to attend a wedding party, birthday, graduation and more then you can easily contact us and we will give you the best and elegant look that will make you stun in the party. For the face or skin care services in the beauty spa in Abu Dhabi, we highly believe that our appearance has impact to everyone who knows us. Even though we are so much busy with our work and school, it is very important to prioritize our hygiene and at our beauty spa in Abu Dhai, we can be your partner for your face care. We have face bleaching, body bleaching, fruit facial, herbal facial, de tan, gold facial, diamond facial, hair ageing facial and aromatherapy. The trust and satisfaction of our valued customers are very important to us and this is why Amana beauty salon is still considered as the best beauty spa in Abu Dhabi. For your nail care, we provide manicure, pedicure, nail art, polish and nail extension that you can get at very reasonable price. Our nail technicians are always ready to serve you and give the best nail color and design for you. We can also do nail extensions that can make your nails to look more beautiful if you are not satisfied with its length. At Amana beauty salon, you can trust us as your beauty spa in Abu Dhabi.

    Salon services in Abu Dhabi

    Salon services in Abu Dhabi can be your stress reliever from your work and school. As we need to maintain our health, proper hygiene is very important. This includes hair, nail and skin care that can get from the beauty salon or spa that offers salon services. Looking for a salon is easy but to find the best beauty spa that offer all services that you need in just one spa might be hard. Amana beauty salon that is situated in Abu Dhabi can be your best choice for all of your hair, skin and nail care.
    We offer professional hair services from the best hair salon in Abu Dhabi. For your hair, you can get the best hair cut that will fit in your face. It doesn’t matter if you have short and long hair as we are experts in handling all types of hair. Whether you have straight, curly or colored hair, we can guarantee you that you can able to receive the best salon services in Abu Dhabi from the excellent hair salon in Abu Dhabi. As hair care is an important routine to maintain our hygiene, we can help to keep your hair healthier and strong. A beautiful and healthy hair can make good impressions to the people around you and if you are an employee, your hair can leaves a good impact to your clients. If you have unhealthy hair, it can lead to damaged and hair loss which is we don’t want to happen so the best way to maintain its healthiness is to go to the hair salon in Abu Dhabi like Amana beauty salon and get the best salon services in Abu Dhabi that offers it for a very affordable price. For blow dry, you should know that it must not do daily and if you need blow dry for your hair, you can get it from the Amana beauty Salon. It can help you make your hair into the desired style. To prevent your hair from dullness, dryness and unhealthy, we can provide your blow dry on a regular basis. You can easily achieve the style you want when you blow dry your hair.

    If you need hair treatment Abu Dhabi, you can contact us as we have professionals that can give the best treatments not only for your hair, skin and nails. We have different types of treatment that are being offer in Amana beauty salon. We have the keratin treatment which is the popular hair treatment Abu Dhabi. It is also known as the Brazilian blowout and can transform your curly and frizzy hair to be smooth, straight and strong hair. We also have the scalp treatment that is also included in our salon. This type of treatment has a lot of benefits for your scalp like it regulates the secretion of oil in your scalp, sweeps away the dead skin, gets rid the problem of having dandruff, stops your hair from getting thinner, aging and make it more relax. You can achieve these advantages of scalp treatments only if you do it on a regular basis and at Amana beauty salon, we are using the best products that are very effective in any skin type. We also have hot oil treatment to make your hair silky, smooth and healthy. If you have dry and colored hair, it is one of the best treatments that you can acquire from the salon services in Abu Dhabi. If you are planning to change your hair color, moisture treatment is also good for you before getting your new hair color. By using a lot of unknown chemicals and products to our hair, it can really affects the growth and its smoothness and if you want to improve the health of your hair then the best way is to try the detox treatment from Amana beauty salon that offers beauty services. You can also try out our relax treatment that is a semi-permanent straightening treatment that can reduce curls, frizz and can make your hair strength. We also have toning treatment if you didn’t achieve the color that you want for your hair. Example for this is that if you are planning to get a blonde color but it turns out to be gold then toning treatment will make you achieve your desired hair color. You can also get the hair glossing treatment that is very popular in enhancing your hair color and make your hair to shine and boost its radiance.
    You can trust Amana beauty salon for your ladies hair styles in Abu Dhabi. At Amana beauty salon which provides a lot of affordable salon services in Abu Dhabi, we are equipped with the best and professional hairstylists that are very well-experienced and knowledgeable in any types of hair style for any occasion. Our hairstylist will make sure that you will look simple but elegant when you need to go to any celebration. Though it might be only sometimes as it will be just occasionally, but you really don’t have to worry as we will make you to look more presentable and gorgeous. If you will be attending wedding, birthday party, graduation and any other parties, you can trust us for your any ladies hair styles in Abu Dhabi.

    Ladies beauty makeup in Abu Dhabi is also available at Amana beauty Salon. Every hairstyle should be matches with a good beauty make up and with our expertise; we can assist you in any type of makeup that you want. Make ups has a lot of perks and one of them is that makeup can helps in boosting your confidence as a person as you look more gorgeous. It can increase your face value and can make you look stronger. At Amana beauty salon, we have water based makeup which is a very simple and natural look that you can wear for a casual party. It is very suitable when you want to attend party with your friends or family get together. Next type of ladies beauty makeup in Abu Dhabi is the powder based makeup that is light makeup only but perfect for all skin types. We also have mineral make up which is not contain any oil in the products that will be used so it will remain the healthiness of your skin. We also have airbrushed make up that is also very popular nowadays which the makeup artists are not using sponges, brushes and even their fingers on your face. It can stay up to 13-15 hours on your skin without getting smudge. It is the highly suggest makeup for weddings and other special parties. We have a lot of good quality makeup products that can apply to you to make you enhance your appearance, get better complexion and protect your skin daily. You can visit us for the ladies beauty makeup in Abu Dhabi services and we also do home services if you want it to be done at your home or in any location.

    For manicure pedicure in Abu Dhabi, we have nail technicians that can provide all the inclusive services when it comes to your nails. At our salon, we have manicure for your hands and pedicure for your feet. Our professional knows how important it is to maintain the cleanliness of our nails and by visiting our salon that provides manicure pedicure in Abu Dhabi can make your nails to be hygienic and maintain its cleanliness on a regular basis.
    We provide all the necessary services for the manicure pedicure in Abu Dhabi. This includes nail cleaning, nail art, nail polish, nail trimming, nail extensions and a lot more. You can also get this all in just one service from our professional beauty salon in Abu Dhabi. We provide a lot of designs when it comes to nail art. You can choose your own design that you think that will match your nails, personality and even your outfits when you want to go out and you want to try a matching nail art with your nice outfit. You can visit our cozy place, pamper yourself and get the best nail services from the best salon that provides manicure pedicure in Abu Dhabi.

    Your nails can leave a good impression to everyone who will see it so you should retain its cleanliness. With our expertness on nails, we can guarantee you that we will able to provide you the best nail services for a very affordable price. We can make your nails to be healthy and creative as we put a trendy nail arts and designs that can clearly boost your confidence as a person. You can choose from our designs and if you have your own preferred art that you want to be put on your nails then you can just tell on our staffs and get it done to you. You can hire us as your regular nail specialist. You can directly visit us on our salon and get your favorite nail art to be put in your nails and you can also call us as we also do home services. We only not have nail services, but we also have skin facial and hairstyling services. You can book with us and try out something new for yourself. Proper care for your nails is the priority of our nail specialist at Amana beauty salon. We have proper procedures on how we will able to give you the best look for your nails .As nail polish contains chemicals, we assure that the products that we are using for your nails won’t result anything bad that can affect your nails. Wearing make ups and nail polish never gets out of style until on this generation; it is still on the trending list and priority of most of the ladies. It became a habit as we want to look more gorgeous and well presentable at all times.

    Salon services in Abu Dhabi like Amana beauty salon also provides hair and nails extension Abu Dhabi. Our hair usually the first to be noticed by people like when we have new haircut, hair color and etc., people can easily know it all just by seeing us. Hair care is very important and investing on a hair care products is also a good decision. There is also one thing that you can try for a budget friendly price and can be wearing hair extensions which can add length, volume and thickness to your hair that used anytime and anywhere. One of its benefits is that hair and nails extensions Abu Dhabi can make you feel to be more feminine everyday. We used to wait for months and even years just to see and achieve the our dream length hair and it’s sometimes make us not that satisfied especially if it grows too slow but you really don’t need to wait too long for your hair to grow and try different hairstyles you want as you can hire us for your hair extensions. You can use hair extensions that have different hair colors, highlights, can be a straight or even curly hair if you want to try that. As nail care is also an essential, we also provide nail extensions that is available to be done on our comfy place and also in your preferred location. It is also included in our hair and nails extension Abu Dhabi services. If you have short nails and you can’t wait anymore to make it long, you can hire us to do the nail extensions for you. We assure that we can hide all the imperfections of your nails and keep your natural nails to be healthy while making it stunning through nail art polish. Hire Amana salon for your hair and nails extensions Abu Dhabi.

    Wedding Makeup in Abu Dhabi

    Wedding makeup in Abu Dhabi is a necessity in any kinds of wedding. For wedding, it is definitely one of the best days for a woman. Everyone feel so excited when the wedding day is getting nearer as we can finally jump to the next chapter of our lives with the man we love the most. An Emirati wedding is one of the lavish celebrations as it is part of their culture and traditions and until now, they still continue on preserving their own process of wedding. The Abu Dhabi traditional wedding lasted for 7 days which starts from a marriage proposal ceremony then followed by a marriage contract agreement. After that, the bride need to stay at home for 40 days and indulged by her family by eating healthy foods, facial and body treatments and other activities that will make the bride to look more gorgeous on her wedding day.

    Wedding planning is a great way to fully organize and assure that the wedding celebration will be grandiose and perfect for the man and woman who will get married and for those who will attend to definitely enjoy the celebration. There are a lot of things that needs to be planned out before the exact wedding day. One of these things that should be on the plans is the wedding makeup in Abu Dhabi which is an essential thing to do. Of course, wedding day is one of the best days of our lives so we must look incredibly stunning around the people who will celebrate with us that day.

    Since it is an important day for the bride, wedding makeup in Abu Dhabi should plan well. Attendees for an Emirati wedding usually at least 300 people and it can be more than 1000 as they will invite all of their close friends to celebrate the wedding. It involves separate ceremonies for men and women and it’s a really one of the best occasions that everyone should experience to attend to.

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